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Doctor of Physical Therapy


The University of Washington Division of Physical Therapy supports a variety of innovative research programs designed to lead advances in the field of rehabilitation medicine. Unique aspects of our research environment include our PhD in Rehabilitation Science program and our extensive research collaborations both within and beyond the University of Washington. Our faculty are actively involved in research at UW-based institutions such as the Center for Neurotechnology, the Healthy Aging & Physical Disability Rehabilitation Research and Training Center and the Pacific Udall Center.

Our research programs span a variety of approaches, from basic science to clinical research and community- and population-based studies. These programs are focused on four main areas:

researcher and subject in motion labIn addition, several of our faculty are engaged in research projects at the Human Motion Analysis Lab (HMAL), a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the study of human movement and performance, including gait, balance and grasping biomechanics. Read about HMAL research areas.



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The Division of Physical Therapy is dedicated to advancing research in rehabilitation medicine that improves function, independence and quality of life. Your generous donations to the Physical Therapy Research Fund enable us to continue to do valuable research on pediatric, musculoskeletal, neurologic and aging populations.

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